electrostats vs ribbon drivers

i think the electrostats , in general, come closer to timbral accuracy than any speaker with a ribbon driver.

what do you think ?

in fact i think some full range ribbons are a bit hot in the treble.
Nandric: Yes, the Grand is indeed my pride an joy. We used to live in a sort of palace but moved close to Switzerland and out current house does not have a room to do them justice. But thats ok, one day they will get another room. Here is a picture of a set of Grands.


A heater is not necessary because the equipment is more then enough. It is powered by four internal Krell mono amps with external power supplies and a set of four Krell KRS 200 monoblocks (110kg each). The source is a Watec Analog Turntable with an Ortofon MC Rondo. The digital source is a Sphinx Labs Project 32 which feeds into a Monarchy Audio Upsampler and Dip combo which feeds into the new Monarchy Audio NM24 DAC. The preamp is a CAT SL1 MKII that goes into the Grands.

As far as to which baby is best, there is really no competition. Soundwise its the Grand. Then comes my second favoriete which is the Stage. Incedentially the Grand is the largest Apogee ever made and the Stage is the smallest. Third place take the Apogee Calipers followed by the Acoustat Spectra 11. The electrostatic has a very good midrange and high frequency. Very much like the Apogee but lacks dynamics and the edge. The subwoofers in the Spectra 11 are rubbish, but the larger Versions which are none-hybrid like the 1+1, 2+2 and larger are very very good speakers. Sometimes can be found for almost nothing, a true bargain and almost indestructable.

Graz lives in Australia and makes all new parts and also some new models. Definetly interesting to check it out :-)
Dear Florianw, Sorry for my 'nationalistic' inclination but are you European or some American who discovered the French way of life as well as the French scenery? I assume some French villa which need to be accomodated to the 'Grands'. Not sure if the specific French 'Grands' are near the Swiss border but you should be able to order those
from where you are. I am however puzzled with your other
'babies'. Those are not the 'natural kind' so no obligation
to provide for. 'Sentimental', or as you put it in your first post 'hystorical' reasons?

Nandric: I am not quite sure that i can follow you. Please excuse my english, it is not my native language. I am a German who lives in Switzerland. My pair of Grands is in my house as well as all the other speakers. I just use the Grand as my main system. There are only approximately 7 pairs worldwide and none more in France. The last pair which was in Paris were sold to a Gentleman in America.

And no natural babies ;-)
Dear Florianw, We all, I assume, reason from some premises
which are usualy implicit. Only in the USA, I thought, a
common sitzen can live in a palace. In Europe only kings
live in a palace. Even a castle is not (pre) supposed for
the commons. Only recently it become possible in France to
get one. You stated (09-30-11): 'We used to live in...a palace but moved close to Zwitzerland'. So I thought that must be in France in some castle which can accomodate the Grands. With French 'Grands' I meant some of their wines and, even more important, some of their Cognacs. Who will offend Apogee Grands by trinking beer or cheap wine in front of them?
I am not the right person to 'value' your English but as far as I can judge it is in any case very eloquent. I am a Dutchman in the formal sense but original from the Balkans.
The funny thing regarding our exchange is that my German is better than my English.
I am wondering , considering the complexity of the Grands,
how you menage to keep them in optimal condition? Deed you
need the help from mr. Graz and are there some representative of his in Europe?

Kind regards,
Dear Florianw, I forget to mention. In the analog forum I
have three German friends (Dertonarm,Syntax and Thuchan)and
my recommendation is to visit us there. I am sure you will
than exchange your Ortofon Rondo for something better.