Elevating subwoofer about two feet off the floor

Acoustic Sciences Corp recommends elevating the subwoofer about 2' off the floor http://www.acousticsciences.com/products/subtrap

see photo in link above ... has anyone tried raising their subs that high off the floor? Did it sound better?
Another case of selling people something they likely don't need…bass naturally bounces around the room, and that's a reality that I personally don't mind as it sounds natural to me. If it doesn't, I turn my subs up or down a little.
Tweak, the bass trap has damping materials, which I believe would cause it to affect the sound, rather than simply elevating it.
My REL's are down firing. I've always found that they sounded less boomy when I moved them out of the corner and more into the center of the room. They tightened up more when placed away from any walls, though it requires a bit more volume in those positions.

Then on a lark, I turned them upside down. Yes, I did place a cutting board on their upturned feet, figuring they would need something to simulate a floor. That's the ticket. tight, precise, invisibly integrated. I heartily endorse anyone to try this and see if it works for you. 

Hey, everyone, I asked this question last week because I could not do the test myself. My speakers were out for repair so the whole system was down. Today, the speakers were returned so I got to work. I raised one of my two SVS subs off the floor 11" inches by setting it on concrete cinder blocks with Herbie's footers under the sub. Personally, I think ASC is on to something. Raising works for me. The bass blended better with rest of the music.

I only posted their photo as an example. If you need a bass trap, then yes, their product would be helpful. But my room already has bass traps, so I just wanted to see what raising the sub would do.