Elgar Line Conditioners

Has anyone tried Elgar line conditioners (6006B, 3006B, 5006B etc.)?  If you had one and switched to something else I would be curious to know why you switched and what you switched to.  I'm thinking about getting a 6006B to try out.
Why the Elgar line of products vs a product made specifically for audio?
Just curious...
Hi Lak.  Just exploring my options.  I'm looking at "audio" branded units  too.  The Elgar does several things in an all-in-one unit that make sense, such as DC blocking, isolation, voltage regulation, and cleaning up the sine wave without digitizing the signal.  Also I'd like to go with a single unit that is located at my audio system (although they aren't exactly pretty).
bigamp, your reasoning is as I expected and that make sence. Should you purchase an Elgar unit please let us know how it performes.