ELP Laser Turntable output RCA or XLR option

My Clearaudio runs XLR through Phono-Amp to Amp. I am looking at getting a ELP Laser Turntable and go from RCA output to a XLR option output for convenience and either same or better sound quality.
Anyone have a logical opinion right or wrong view??

My Equipment
Vaf I-93Mk2
Vitus -SIA 025 Amp
Clearaudio Innovation - Graham Phantom Arm-Di vinci Cart
ASR Basis Exclusive Phono Preamp
Esoteric U-X1Lt
Sony SCD1 (VSE-7)
Don't buy it unless you try it out first. I thought about getting one myself a while back. The records have to be absolutely perfect or it won't play.
I also considered one years back with the dust problem and sending back to Japan for routine maintenance of the belts and lasers but now as my record collection is increasing in quality I lust for sound of Vinyl and convenience of CD.As long as the company keeps going and the machine is trouble free I am looking forward to the benefits.
Have owned one for several years. Recently purchased an Audio Desk record cleaner. It took the enjoyment of the Elp to a new level.
I did end up buying ELP Laser Turntable and having a good cleaner is a must.Unfortunately after a week the player locked up and needed to be sent back to Japan for repair.For me it was a big let down as I expected at lease 10 years  before problems.It took 6 month and a lot of complaining before I got a refund .