Elrog 300B vs Takatsuki 300B tubes

Has anyone heard the Elrog 300B tubes ? I read an article which mentioned that the Elrog 300B delivers 15% less power than a traditional 300B tubes. Can anyone confirm that it is audible ?

I am choosing between Elrog and Takatsuki 300B tubes. I would prefer the Elrog because it is cheaper and supposedly wonderful but if it really sounds less powerful then I have to rethink.
Calloway, There is certainly such a thing as synergy (or lack thereof) between particular tubes and pieces. But just as significant is the fact that certain tubes will play to a particular persons values better than others. If it were me, I'd wait to see what Charles thinks of his Elrog 300Bs. He has had all the top tubes in his Franks, and he also has a top tier set of ears.

I will be fascinated by Charles' early read on the Elrogs vs EMLs, Taks, Sophias, and others he has had.
Hi Charles, all said and done, once an SET man will probably always remain an SET man and that is why even the FM doesnt cut it for me.

Arthursmuck, I have a Tannoy Turnberry SE.
Your reply is interesting. I thought when you got the FM Acoustics amplifier it was the solution for increased power needs you desired. Long term listening will eventually sort things out. I recall you were very happy with the FM Acoustics initially.