Elrog 300b vs we300b

I am looking for an upgrade to my elekit tu8600s. Currently have cossor black plates. I use the amp for my hd800s and zmf atticus. I am looking for more transparency, dynamics and a bigger stage. I am interested in a richer tone too so not sure which direction to go. Any thoughts?



good to hear about the durability of the xls tubes Charles. I am looking forward to what sonic differences I will notice from the psvane (non acme version) to the Eml xls.


and of course the 5 year warranty was important to me after the recent failure.


The Frankensteins are marvelous sounding but can be a bit hard on the 300b tube. I had two failures with the excellent Takatsuki tubes within a 5 year period. Admittedly I use my Frankensteins very regularly for long listening sessions (4-5 hours on average). The EML XLS has withstood this usage well over 9 years with zero problems and continue to test well.

Obviously I can’t predict what your outcome will be, but the point being that the EML has many owners who’ve had very similar experiences as mine over the years. This refers to their “solid plate “, not their “mesh plate tubes. The mesh is very spacious and airy sounding but is much more delicate with regard for usage. XLS is a heavy duty rugged workhorse 300b yet also sounds superb in my opinion.


agree about the workhorse quality of the EML XLS and it sound as very modern and very extended, but the new production of the WE is my new 300B to go to....just everything right in that sound, nothing to complaint about.