Emerald Physics 2.3 Crossover Questions

Anyone have these that have any idea on bringing them to the next level? Considering buying my friend's 2.3s but the infamous Behringer leaves me a bit concerned quality-wise. I've heard some mention a dbx unit but not sure how that would work. Does anyone know the specific (ideal) crossover points between the dual woofers and coax driver? Also, what is the stock crossover slope for these? (The Behringer lets you select between Bessel, Linkwitz-Riley and Butterworth with different steps for all. I would be putting these in a fairly large room with the right speaker about 17 feet from a side wall while the left speaker would only be about 3 feet. Both speakers would be about 4 feet from the rear wall. Any suggestions appreciated. I've never used a pro-type XO before so would love some pointers on specific settings if I go with the Behringer. I've heard the EP 3s at RMAF last year and was very impressed so I would have to think the 2.3 is that much better IF you can get the correct settings. The factory settings with my friend's Behringer left much to be desired (at least from my ears).
Give Ric Schultz at EVS (Electronic Visionary Systems) in Calif. a call, he can likely help, at the very least with info. He also does mods for the Behringer which will take the stock performance of the DCX to another level if that's what you want, but he does get requests from his customers to mod their DCX for use with the EP's. He also has a new OB speaker line which itself was originally inspired by the CS2. His phone number is on his site.
Thanks for the input. Perhaps another (easier method) might be using the DBX PX DriveRack which has auto EQ and an outboard microphone? Although the unit description states it is designed for 'powered' speakers. Not sure if that makes a difference since the EP's are bi-amped and have the amps after the EQ and before the speakers (wouldn't it be the same process?). Also, not sure if the dbx unit is an EQ AND Crossover or 'just' an EQ. I'm guessing I need the dbx to be able to not only auto-EQ the system but also set some crossover points between the two 15" woofers and the upper coax driver. The dbx until has outputs for two satellites (which would go to the amp powering the EP Coax driver?) and two powered subwoofers (which would go to the amp powering my two 15" woofers in the EPs). Hopefully, I am looking at this correctly.