Emerald Physics CS-2, Opinions Please

Hello all:

I found and read a couple of older threads regarding these speakers, I've been talking with the dealer, and I have read everything I could find on the internet. I understand the DSP's role and the need to bi-amp. The last step befor I plunk down the plastic, is to ask those of you that have them what you think?

What are the pluses and minuses? If you have had them for a couple of months are you still happy? any regrets?

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Gradient evidence? Not sure how it would replace a 100 db sensitive system that goes down to 20 hz.. The specs on the gradient are 86 db which is not very comparable to 100 db efficiency, and the frequency range on the Gradient is only
45-20000Hz +/-2dB, 29Hz -6dB
Impedance 4 ohm
Sensitivity 86dB/2.83V/1m

This would mean very different amplifiers required(or not required), and supplement of subwoofer would still be needed it would seem if you want to compete with the range of this emerald speaker. Just curious, I guess not all open baffles are created equal.
Brian from what I've experienced you may be pleasantly surprised moving to an active tubed preamp with this setup. It will give you that richness and weight you speak of IMHO.

Brian, enjoyed reading your perspective. Your style of communication is near-poetic and the report was quite fresh and insightful. Thanks.

The resale numbers are actually a fairly common occurrence among new-on-market/new concept audiophile gear, esp one that has generated this type of buzz. There is not and never will be the one perfect component for everyone. I suspect many buy to try and expect miracles, then are let down due to overly stretched expectations. More of a psychological phenomenon really than a physical or auditory one.

What I have learned in the few years I have been rotating gear in and out of my system is that there is no 'absolute sound' and some things are just a matter of taste. Also many (most?) audiophiles enjoy simply trying these things out. Look at the feedback numbers of some of the posters in this thread alone, self included, and it is evident that many of us treat this Audiogon as a 'library' of sorts. You go in, borrow a book, read it through or get bored with it halfway, and trade it in for a different book with a different story. Does this diminish or raise either book? Of course not, although preferences do emerge with enough experience.
Brian, I may add this. If you don't have the weight you think you should with the CS 2s then you may look at upgrgrading elsewhere in the chain. It's not the speakers.
the di pole gradients all play much lower than their specs and all exibit a quad-like mid. i would still stick with talons, but hey, thats just me.