Eminent Technology ET-2 Tonearm Owners

Where are you? What mods have you done ?

I have been using these ET2's for over 9 years now.
I am still figuring them out and learning from them. They can be modified in so many ways. Bruce Thigpen laid down the GENIUS behind this tonearm over 20 years ago. Some of you have owned them for over 20 years !

Tell us your secrets.

New owners – what questions do you have ?

We may even be able to coax Bruce to post here. :^)

There are so many modifications that can be done.

Dressing of the wire with this arm is critical to get optimum sonics along with proper counterweight setup.

Let me start it off.

Please tell us what you have found to be the best wire for the ET-2 tonearm ? One that is pliable/doesn’t crink or curl. Whats the best way of dressing it so it doesn’t impact the arm. Through the spindle - Over the manifold - Below manifold ? What have you come up with ?
$1805!!! My bid wasn’t good enough. I wanted that manifold, damn it! 😥
I wanted that manifold, damn it!

If one considers how a airplane takes off, goes up, and stays in the air, as a kind of magic.... then there is real magic happening inside this ET 2 manifold.

Unlike "hybrid" air bearing tonearms, which use an air bearing in one plane, but need a mechanical (other) bearing in the other plane to work properly, this ET 2 is a full 360 air bearing.

One of the Holy Craps in my previous post came from an Ontario Kuzma Airline owner, when he commented on the smoothness of the bearing. A Rockport tonearm owner on this forum, called the ET2 bearing "slippery" in comparison.

Just saying. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


$1805 US dollars = $2222 Canadian dollars :^(

I discovered a limitation of the long I Beam with really light cartridges.

I’ve made an earnest attempt to get through some of my collection of unplayed records the last couple of weeks. Decided a couple of days ago to start using Room 2, to trial records and mark the ones for play in Room 1. I still have the Acutex 420 str mounted on an ET 2.0 HP with aluminum armtube in room 2 on an SP10 MKII.

With just the base ET2 weight on there that fits into the groove of the clamp, I can’t get past the midpoint on the new long I Beam. Physics.
The cartridge is just too light.

So I contacted Bruce and he told me this is something new, and the good thing is he is going to have a lighter version of the base weight made to accommodate the longer I Beam. For those of you running at say 3/4 on the I beam - this may get to the end of the plank. I think I recall Harry modding his base weight to get to the end of the I Beam - but not sure.
Good record playing weather.