Eminent Technology ET-2 Tonearm Owners

Where are you? What mods have you done ?

I have been using these ET2's for over 9 years now.
I am still figuring them out and learning from them. They can be modified in so many ways. Bruce Thigpen laid down the GENIUS behind this tonearm over 20 years ago. Some of you have owned them for over 20 years !

Tell us your secrets.

New owners – what questions do you have ?

We may even be able to coax Bruce to post here. :^)

There are so many modifications that can be done.

Dressing of the wire with this arm is critical to get optimum sonics along with proper counterweight setup.

Let me start it off.

Please tell us what you have found to be the best wire for the ET-2 tonearm ? One that is pliable/doesn’t crink or curl. Whats the best way of dressing it so it doesn’t impact the arm. Through the spindle - Over the manifold - Below manifold ? What have you come up with ?
The great swiss writer and dramaturg Friedrich Dürrenmatt once said (ca.) that today (in the 20th century) there is no way to write dramas. Anything is a comedy. And the greatest comedy of all is reality.I like this sort of fun. And similar things happened to me too.
It's more fun to laugh than to cry (if possible...)
Well imo, there is nothing funny about a bad ground; whether it is caused by an incorrect connection, and/or a bad connection. The later bad connection (gradually deteriorating) is one of the main reasons boat trailer lights stop working. In and out of the water, many forget to unplug the connection to the vehicle when launching a boat. Everyone with a boat trailer has done it at one time or another.  

This vinyl hobby for those that use different cartridges entails a lot of unplugging, replacing cartridge, and reconnecting. The four leads going to the cartridge is just asking for trouble. Making sure each lead is "tight-on" is important. I make the connections first, then I bolt on the cart. 
I only see one solution (or is it a soulution?): A Lyra Delos in P-mount T4P-norm.
Jonathan, are you listening?
Actually it's not a total joke. I admit that the concept of setting tracking force by standardized brutto P-mount cartridge weight-actual cartridge weight is too restrictive to design high quality cartridges.
But a standardized electrical/mechanical connection eliminates in many cases a few crimp and / or solder contacts. Besides eliminating the hassle of fiddling with cartridge clips and their solder connections, and eliminating the possibility of swapped ground or signal connections. 
Glad you figured it out, VPI.  However, I am perplexed by a couple of things; and not meaning to add to any disappointment 🙃

**** Bruce's color coding doesn't match my VDH. ****

Huh!?  Red/Green, White/Blue; no?   I do know that the Blue on my VDH’s has been unusually dark.  

Seems to me that a tiny bit of hum would be the least of the issues caused by reversing the two ground wires.  Did you hear any other distortions or phase issues?

@frogman My aluminum wand is Red/Black, White/Blue (no green) and the Blue pin on my VDH is very dark blue.  That combined with not paying close enough attention caused reversal.  And, absolutely, the sound quality was substantially degraded.  Not audible distortion except for hum and loss of a black background.  But probably substantial phase issues.  Other than the hum the effect was more subtractive than additive. I think because I couldn't hear the hum over the music I underestimated its intensity and the hash that mis-wiring caused.  But when I corrected the problem it was obvious that a lot of bad stuff had gone away.  Kind of the opposite of a well setup sub where you don't know it's there until you turn it off and hear what is missing.  Now, correctly wired, the VDH has never sounded better.  Gobs of liquidity, black background and nice bloom.

@pegasus Yes, plug in cartridges would be nice for klutzes lime me.