Eminent Technology Hybrids

I would really like to talk owners of these speakers or anyone who sound has knowledge of these, (heard them) they sound too good to be true for the price, please write cause im real curious, thanks! Chad
What would you like to know about them? I have a friend that owns them. So I have listened to them quite a bit.
wow cool!,
well I guess I would like to know as much as possible, bass response, imaging..placement issues, amplifier needs, just how they sound and all that, hope to hear from you...

thanks, Chad

I think that it depends on the size of room and the type of music that you listen to.

I have a pair and like them a lot but my room is too large.

a. They like a lot of power, I use 200 watts per channel and that works well.

b. I think they need a medium to small room. I have a live large room and think they run out of steam at larger volumes.

c. They are magical on smaller music, i.e. solo piano, jazz, chamber, chorale musix.

d. They are not a great choice for rock music. I think they need more panel area to be able to handle very dynamic loud music.

I think they are a great value particularly used. I think it depends on your type of music and the size of room.

Richard Bischoff
Well Chadnliz..as far as amplifiers go. You need POWER. As much as you can get. I wouldn't use anything less than 300 real watts on the Eminents. Sound..if you've heard Magnepans. Imagine a pair of MMGs with and 8 inch driver attached in a sealed enclosure.

I would say they are a little more laid back than the Magnepans. The maggies are a tad more transparent.The LFTs are definitely more dynamic. You know there will always be a compromise some where with any speaker.

The maggies throw a larger soundstage than the Eminents.
But the Eminents are easier to listen too. For some maybe too easy. But that depends on your listening taste. With the proper amplifier I really enjoy them. It's a kind of speaker you can listen too for hours and not be fatigued.
I would rather have a little roll off on top than an ear bleed.

Placement isn't a big issue. Give them at least 6 1/2 feet apart with a slight tow in. Maybe 2 to 3 feet off the back walls/ 3 feet off side walls. Also if you want to make the soundstage larger put the ribbon tweeters to the outside.
The Eminents do get down near that 25hz mark. It's a clean tight bass with the right amplifier but not pounding. You need more cone area and box volume for that kind of bass.
One of the great bargins in audio,you do need power, but not as much as 300 watts,and like all dipoles they can be room fussy. upcomming review in HI FI + the best of the high end magazines.
Jbello have you heard them with this kind of power? The difference is very noticeable.
My current speakers are Teledyne Accoustic Reseaech AR-9, yes the OLD original I had them re-foamed 2 yrs ago, I just wonder if the ET8's will sound detailed but "thin" compared to these....any thoughts?
I liked 'em so much, I'm adding second pair. Saw a review which suggested that two pairs running as mains hearkened back to the Infinity four tower 60K$ reference speakers.
I found that intriguing, so I'm putting together a preamp with dual main outs, 8 channels of amplification, 4 pair of speaker cables, and interconnects, and of course, the four LFT-8's. Let's say it'll be "interesting."

The more the watts the merrier. Biamping makes a big difference.

Run them with a good quality sub; better yet, twin subs (I'm using Vandersteen 2W's). The Vandy's also incorporate tripple 8" drivers, similar to the 8" driver of the LFT-8's. Makes it very nice to blend low end.

I think you'd be shocked at how lovely the mid/uppers can sound if you've been using older speakers for a while. If you're a serious music lover, and you've never spent much time with planar speakers, you owe it to yourself to at least do the 30 day home demo. There are not many speakers that can compete for the $.
I sold my Magnepan 1.6QR's days after I hooked up the LFT-8's. Never looked back...richer, fuller, more holographic, etc.

Went to my first tube pre (Rogue Magnum 66) and wow, the Eminents came alive!
Douglas ..looks like you took me up on the offer. I'm glad the LFTs are working out for you.

Good listening!
Hey guys,
Thanks for all your input, I know that my speakers are old, but I have kinda kept up to pace through my dad listening to his, ADS, Snell, and now his Legacy Focus 20/20's.....I still really like my AR-9's, they are not fatigueing but I wanna go to the next level, mentally im sold on the ET's..now just gotta get the cash to finalize this constant "daydream"

I just got a brand new pair of LFT8's from Hollywood Sound a few weeks ago and now I understand why so many like them so much. They replaced my $3400 speakers which I thought were amazing, but the LFT's just sound 100x better. Very holographic,great low-highs,never harsh and sounds great at lower levels, which is what I listen to (60-70 dbs). Save those pennies ^^

Enjoy! You've found a great audio bargain! With the sale of the old speakers for approx. half price, you could end up with cash in pocket! Not very often that happens in this hobby! An upgrade with cash back!