Eminent Technology LFT-8B and 8C Speakers best footers to use

Looking for input on the best type of "footers" to use with Eminent Technology LFT-8B and 8C Speakers? This would be with the speakers on both carpeted floor and hardwood floor.

I have the 8B's with the Sound Anchor stands and will use on carpeted floor, what would be suggested to use the spikes with the SA's or use a set of Isoacoustics GAIA footers with the separate carpet spikes?

What about using the 8C's with the ET stands on hardwood floor that must be moved on occasion, what type of footers would be suggested?




Since the SA stands are mostly to provide stabilization and reduce vibration through mass, I think the Isoacoustics footers will add significant additional improvement, both on carpet (with the spikes) and on wood (without) as they add the benefit decoupling the speakers from the floor. There are more expensive isolation footers in the market but the Gaias get you really far.

In full disclosure I am an Isoacoustics dealer, but I have used them on all my components and speakers for many years before I became a dealer. I have also owned the LFT-8B on Sound Anchor stands, though I owned them before I discovered Isoacoustics. I have also used Isoacoustics on Magnepans and Quad ESLs with great results.