Eminent Technology LFT8B’s reversing woofer polarity


I have a pair of the Eminent Technology LFT8B’s and read Dr. Robert E Greene review in the Absolute Sound magazine (2014 I believe) of the speakers where in the review he reversed the polarity of the woofers and said it made a significant improvement. He was going to give the speakers a mediocre review (his words) before doing this and after reversing the woofer polarity he then said they were significantly better and proceeded to give them a rave review. Have any LFT8B owners out there ever tried this? Thank you.

Hi guys (and gals)

I to, probably like most of us, used the Sound Anchor stands and liked them. You fill them with sand, adjust the rake angle, and you’re good to go.

One of the weak points of the LFT8B’s design is in the way the panel attaches to the woofer box (no offense Bruce). Five small wood screws screwed into an MDF woofer box just isn’t very secure. If you put your finger on the top of the panel and move it forwards & backwards there is a lot of movement. With the Mye stand in place, no movement whatsoever. That panel now feels like it’s part of the floor!

The thicker metal Mye stand with the upright braces that bolt to the thicker metal bases of the stand allow the upright braces to attach to the sides of the panels with a metal “C” clamp and  makes that panel MUCH more stable. The “C” clamp attached to the sides of the panels was done at my request. Grant wanted the upright bracing to screw into the backs of the frames but I felt the attachment points were too close to the tensioning adjustments for the midrange panels and didn’t want to risk going anywhere near those cam adjusters. I felt the “C” clamps attached to the sides of the panels were an acceptable aesthetic compromise. That is the key element of the Mye stand and why the imaging within the soundstage becomes rock solid and instruments are now pinpoint stable. 

My my pair of Mye stands were the first pair Grant has ever made. It doesn’t surprise me that there are no pictures of them on his website yet or have been added to the price sheet. I feel pricing is very reasonable. I paid $560.00 for the pair including shipping (from Canada) to Illinois. He includes all necessary hardware and an Allen key for assembly. The fit and finish is very nice (all metal surfaces are powder coated). The price/performance ratio is well worth it. 

This is embarrassing to admit but here we go, I am terrible with computers and have never used the camera on my smart phone (I’ll wait for the laughter to die down) I will try to figure out how to take a couple of pictures and email them to my computer so I can post some pictures for everyone. 

Anyone who would like to contact me through email is more than welcome to. I don’t think Audiogon allows people to post their email but if they do here it is:  scothurwitz@comcast.net. If that doesn’t work, feel free to direct message me. Tanks and take care.


Thanks Scot, expect an email from me ;-) . Grant sent me a diagram of the stand in an email, and it looks fantastic. I'm very familiar with his Maggie stands, which also secure to their frames with C clamps. I think I may get my LFT-8 Mye stands made to screw into the baffle, but I'll discuss that with Grant. I'm a little more concerned with aesthetics than I should be ;-) , and those C clamps give the Mye stands a homemade look.

The Mye Maggie stands are far better than the Sound Anchors version, as they brace the thin MDF baffle, the Sound Anchor just bolting onto the bottom of the Maggie baffle. The same is of course true with their LFT-8 stand, but it was quite an improvement over the stock ET "legs", which are a joke, inappropriate on such a fine loudspeaker. 
Hello All

Resurecting this after a few months. Asking all ET LFT-8 owners, are they as fussy as they sound to set up? Do they have a really small sweet spot, or are they a little more forgiving then some make them out to be? Are the older models like the 6 more desireable?