Is anyone aware of any digital equipment that can compete with EMM Labs? What about Redbook?
Tbg you are quite clever, but you failed to even remotely answer my question. As for being content with what we own, until something obviously better comes along, is this not subjective? Am I missing something? I do not consider myself, or the people I met who pursue this hobby, all that gullible. I agree with Mike that the Meitner is a huge leap in digital technology. I heard the Meitner at the SF show and was inpressed. However, it is difficult to evaluate the Meitner with so many other components in the system.
Thanks for your input Mike. It's nice to hear from someone who apparently has a good grounding in Analog playback making the comparison!!
Just make sure Bill is not around to switch the digital input on the fly .. JTINN, tireguy, Frank and al .. will remember Montreal .... ever see 7 audiophiles systematically have a heart-attack at the same time ??

The Meitner DAC6 is fundamentally an amazing product.. DAC6 6-channel DSD DAC is pretty much alone on the market .. correct me if I am wrong but not many 6 -Chan DACs of this quality out there .. amazing resolution.. Its XLR only .. (fine with me). I also found it to be very natural and balanced.. As mentioned above, it was hooked up to some great gear .. but.. I heard that great gear before stand-alone .. With the EMM Labs DAC6, there was a new level of grain free cleanness and detail ..
Obviously a must have for Multi Chan music lovers ..(Im not one of them... sorry)..If I ever go digital again, I would definitely look at this unit..

See ya ..Matt
Last week it was Meitner, this week it's Emmlabs. This is getting very Old quite fast.
Correct me if I am wrong but I think Meitner is the manufactor and is being sold under the EMMlabs name so they are one in the same. So this week is the same as last week next week however has to wait to be seen.