EMM Labs DCC 2 - Sneak Preview

Here are some pictures of the new EMM Labs DCC 2. It looks pretty cool and I can't wait until mine arrives in the next couple of weeks. I am one happy tire guy! :)

EMM Labs DCC 2 Front

EMM Labs DCC 2 Arse
Tim--I'm sure it will be good, but I remain skeptical that it will be as good as the separates. Power supply is more than half the battle and you have the preamp and DAC in one box drawing on the same supply.
Jonathan Valin in TAS also indicates that he believes the OTL's have certain advantages over the hybrids, though he raved over the hybrids.
I find the discussion of the hybrids vs the OTL's an interesting one. I too heard the Hybrids and the OTL's at Bill's house on two different occasions. Give all the hype regarding the hybrids, I was underwhelmed by what I heard. I was expecting the Holy Grail and I was disappointed to say the least. While they had all the slam you could want, I did not find them very musical especially when compared to the Lamm ML2. My wife shared my opinion regarding the amps. For my tastes, if it came down to a choice between the hybrid and the ML2's, on that particular day, it would have been the Lamm's. That is really surprising to me as I usually prefer high powered amps over lower powered ones. Oh well, to each his own.
i am waiting for my dcc-2 will see taking the plunge from a 3.1x balanced and really cant wait to hear the difference i hope you guys know what the hell your talking about rememeber columbus took a chance and money grows on trees right thanks for the input guys
Has anyone taken delivery of the EMM Labs DCC 2 and Transport? Tireguy or Saxman, please let us know your impressions once the new "gold standard" arrives. thanks