Any Emm LABS DV2 owners who can share what streaming unit they paired with the DV2...Any input will be appreciated...John
The most logical partner is the NS1 streamer that you can connect via electrically isolated glass fiber.  Is there a reason you're not auditioning that with the DV2.
I have the NS1, (demo) sounds wonderful! Just pursuing all alternatives...The NS1 will not do MQA...The DV2 sounds so good I'm rethinking MQA! EMM LABs (who are great to work with) may have a future update for the NS1 to do a complete MQA unfold...The Optilink is not capable of doing the complete unfold....As indicated just exploring all options, the N10 is one of them...My Joseph Audio Pearl 20/20s never sounded this good! Thanks so much for your input...
At this juncture the Aurender N10 would be my max. Does that budget reflect physiatric help? The NS1, is bridge tech. similar to others...I'm not looking for marginal gains, it would be interesting to A/B N10 VS NS1...
Lalitk, the media info does not interest me either its just about the music...Do you have the EMM REF preamp?