Any Emm LABS DV2 owners who can share what streaming unit they paired with the DV2...Any input will be appreciated...John
   I was under the impression that the DV2 will only do the complete MQA unfold through usb? I understand completely why you suggested not to bother with the MQA for the A/B demo.

Not sure why all the guesswork - the manual is online.

The NS1 will accept MQA content via ethernet and USB stick input but:

When playing MQA through the NS1 coupled with MQA-enabled DAC, the NS1 will output MQA Core decoded signal. The MQA-enabled DAC will display the original sample rate of the MQA stream. In case of the DV2 DAC, the Optilink input currently cannot fully render MQA streams beyond the Core decoding of 24bit, 96kHz.
Appreciate your input. Maybe you can help me get my head around this. As it states optilink input cannot fully render MQA streams beyond 24/96. However it actually will do 24/192 with a MQA stream? It will show the ofs code in place of MQA. Thanks again for your input.
Im an enduser... in this discussion we have a Dealer and endusers.  If Emm Labs description is either inaccurate or not representative then someone should certainly contact them and have it clarified for all.

The explanation in the manual should mean that the DV2 display will show the original lossy 24/192 resolution of the file (for informational purposes I guess?) but the NS1 will only do the first unfold of the core lossy 24/96 stream and pass that onto the DAC whether through the ST fiber link or otherwise.

So it really doesn’t matter what the DV2 display says, you’re getting max 24/96 MQA stream from the NS1.