EMM Labs or PS Audio?

Has anyone heard both the EMM Labs XDS1 SACD player and the PS Audio Directstream Transport and DAC combo? Since they are both DSD DACs, how do they compare?
I have owned both PS Audio DSD and I now have the DV2 with PRE. EMM  is in a different league. I have only compared DACS. DV2 much more transparent, quieter, much larger sound stage...
I'm curious how different the EMM Labs DV2 is from the XDS1 v3? I have both an XDS1 v3 here, as well as a Berkeley Ref 3. Both Great, in their own way. The EMM Labs is more forward, and a bit richer. The Berkeley is a bit leaner and cleaner. 8 have a Luxman D10x on order. Should be able to compare the three in a month or so.
The XDS1 v3 is old architecture.  The DA 2 V2/DV2 are so far beyond the old architecture there's no point in making a comparison. 
I have little doubt that the latest and greatest EMM Labs stuff is better than their old. But, according to the EMM Labs website, the XDS1 is still listed as an active product in their line. Plus the fact that I own one would make the comparison to the new DV2 interesting.