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Here is a three CD set that I found to be breath taking in its scope. It spans several years and continents, from Africa, a bit of Columbia, Eastern Europe and Australia. 46 tracks and about 225 minutes of some of the most beautiful music I've heard in quite some time. The cover of this booklet has what appears to be a Beduoin, sitting in the desert, holding a rose and tea, offering you to sit and enjoy. And enjoy you will. It starts in Cape Town, South Africa and goes north, taking in the local music as it continues onto Africa proper, North Africa, Crete, Persia, Iran, Turkey, Romania, Hungary and up to Siberia, to name a few. There's even a digerie-do from Austrialia. There are intruments I've never heard of with styles of singing that left me wanting more. Every piece is a treasure, gem or at least a diamond in the rough. The recording is first rate too. This World Music, that goes back generations, leaves me wondering how much the music scene is so shut off to us. If it weren't for my local station (KPFK-Global Village) playing some tracks from this during a pledge drive, I wouldn't have had the chance to hear this beautiful music. There are great liner notes, indexes and guides for the various artists should you chose to hear more of what interests you. As for me, I'll be searching out most of these artists and their captivating fare.
By the way, its part of the 25 Years Network of music and the website is
Highly recommended.
I think the dude is a Tuareg but not sure. Looks like the CDs are made in Germany and easily available on the net. Might check it out. Thanks for the heads-up.
anyone else think the mastering on this set is a bit "hot"/"bright?" great music though.
Some of the music is 25 years old and it might be the way he mastered it or it might be system dependant. I find it just incredibly detailed but not at all hyped. Maybe its that I have a tube integrated so it mellows the sound somewhat.
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