Hi guys, any thoughts on Emotiva CD player  ? Stereophile loves it. regards.
I have the ERC-3 and have been happy with the sound through the speakers. It’s the sound of the disc spinning in the machine that troubles me. In quiet pieces this rattle is enough to distract from the listening experience at times. I wouldn’t say absolutely don’t get one, but I’m not positive I’d buy it again. 
I own an ERC-3 and it is a solidly built unit with at least decent sound. Most of my digital listening is done via ripped music on my network drive, but I like having the CD player to audition new material
Sound quality differences between CD players that aren't broken are almost entirely imaginary.    I have several disk players, only one is a dedicated CD player and it almost never gets used.  Streaming my library from hard drive storage is too convenient.  The main CD player that I use is the one in my computer for ripping to hard drive.
I had ERC 3, nice sound but mechanism failed 3 times, Trade in sounded good but 
ERC 4 did not. Alot lighter product lower gain at outputs, did not sound as good as  the 3.
Using as transport now with old Wadia 26. Has great quality connectors.  Has done well as transport.