Emotiva amplifiers review/experience?

Anyone had a chance to try out the Emotiva amplifiers and compare them to some of the more well known brands? How are the sound quality of the amps and how do they compare to other brands? Are they significantly worse or by some slight margin? Please let me know as I'm very interested in their products! Thank you!
Why would anyone knock off bryston? I mean, if you're going to parrot a big bad power amp design, wouldn't you pick something more worthy of cloning than bryston?
For instance, Krell or Dynaudio or Boulder or Goldmund??
Think, Dave...THINK.
I could think of worse amps to clone.......though i don't believe Emotiva is a clone.
Bryston, eh? I always thought Emotiva was going for a McIntosh vibe. Some of their older model amps even had glowing blue voltage gauges.

As for quality, I'm not sure. I actually own a USP-1 preamp, which so far has been a great piece of equipment--very quiet and linear with good build quality. That said, according to some recent threads on the Emotiva forum, their cd players have literally been going up in flames on people.