Emotiva BasX TA-100 integrated or BasX PT-100 preamp sound quality

Anyone have any experience with the Emotiva BasX TA-100 integrated or BasX PT-100 preamp and in comparison to like priced as well as higher priced components.  Looking at musicality, dimensionality, etc.  Considering for second system or if good enough to build upon in 2 channel configuration with a separate amp.  But would really like to know just how good the integrated with its own amp section is for its price. Thanks.

Historically, the Emotiva preamps have been somewhat warm and close-in sounding.  The amps have been very fast and dynamic, but bright and harsh.  This can be fixed by fuse upgrades sometimes (Furutech or Isoclean).  However, they are not the best equipment.  Nice if you are definitely on a budget.

There's a Peachtree Audio DECCO 65 on audiogon for $450 that is likely going to be a lot better than the BasX integrated.

I think you get what you pay for. Emotiva is not fine dining but it is a good meal for the money. Very reliable, great warranty, great company. I own the TA 100 and am using it with Wharfdale monitors, chord mojo and a laptop in my office. I like the sound. It is crisp and clean. The chord gives it some warmth. It will mostly depend on your source, speakers and room. It’s a great amp for $250. 
Thanks for the info.  Given just the preamp section only, would it perform well if connected to a decent amp are does the same apply to the preamp section as the Emotiva amps, "closed in sound", etc. ?

Right now I am using a Hegel integrated as main system, but would lke to save some money on secondary system and as a means to swap equipment in/out as I find them.  The Dac first attracted me to the Emotiva preamp...but if the pre is considered mediocre, why bother.
Why not go ahead and buy the Emotiva BasXTA100 and at the same time, also buy the NAD3020v2 and the NuForce DDA120..both in a similar price range, both highly rated, both available and easily returnable from Audio Advisors and let the sound in your system in your room dictate the winner???
Musicality and all those other 10 dollar words do not sit well with emotiva, I have my XPA-1 limited ed amps sitting i their boxes for years now, they are fine for the beginner, as mentioned they, Have abnormally high gain, are noisy because of this, and are harsh, and do give me fatigue with several speakers. 
  For a modest system, go for it. Is there better....YES, is there far worse,....YES. 
Emotiva is descent for the price, and a 5 year warranty is great' unlike most much higher dollar reputable companies, and their measly 1 or 2 year warranty.  5 years is nice in this industry. 
But read up on the somewhat undecided warranty/customer service they offer, some fanboys never speak a bad word, no matter what happens, then there are the bashers , you have to make up your own mind. 
For what they are, they are very descent components.
for a little more, or less on the used market, you can delve into a much higher quality component(s)

look around, research, listen, and read a lot on unbiased reviews. 
I must have spent 500hours reading on all kinds of amplifiers ¡ preamps, and auditioning a sh**ton of speakers before finally making my decision. Use your ears to figure out what gives you the goosebumps, and when the hair on your arms stands up, and the back of your head tingles, you have found what your looking for. 
Took me a long time to get where I am at now, and it was worth the wiait. Emotionally, audibly, financially and gives me that piece of mind, knowing I have a world class stereo which sometimes amazes myself looking at it!!,....knowing I have come this far for such good prices. I’ve rambled far too much, but in the end, to what you are happy with.  Enjoy the ride, it gets expensive, and fun. 

Ah, looking at your post, if you are using Hegel integrated in your main system, I think you are likely going to be disappointed with the Emotiva equipment.  The Hegel is definitely a lot more refined.

I have been able to get the Emotiva amplifiers performing well by doing Furutech fuse upgrades, power cord upgrades, solid-core interconnects and speaker wire.  Running the Emotiva stuff stock will likely be very harsh/bright.