Emotiva equipmet, how good is it?

I don’t have a big budget but need to start making a decent listening system. I have a couple of options open to me for some equipment. All used since I seem to be able to get a better bang for my buck. Wanted to know what people thought, but of course I know opinions don’t matter as much as my ears so just let me know if you have used or heard either of these pieces. Or if you think something is similar toss it out there.
XPA-100. I have a chance to get 2 for just over $500PT-100. Around $200
Someone also suggested I simplify and just buy a new Yamaha A-S801 Integrated Amplifier
Looking at using my current speakers which are Dali Ikon6 and I also have Totem Dreamcatchers. Oh and the room is about a 11 x 16. And yes I saw the opps in the title but it won’t let me fix the spelling of Equipment.

Thanks for your thoughts.
Wow this is all very helpful. I am going to try and audition a few items at my local shop.  They sell the Emotiva and others.  I like some of the other suggestions and am looking at those too.  I also look at the Cambridge AUDIO CXA80 and wondered if anyone had thoughts on this.

Please keep it coming it is good to be educated. 
I currently own an XSP-1 and I just upgraded from my 2 XPA 2 GEN 2  to 2 XPR 2.  The older Emotiva amps had huge trsnsfomers and lots of headroom.  The newer amps all have switch mode power supplies.  I still have both of my XPA 2s with over 2 years warranty left and transferable if anyone is  interested!
I had 2 Emotiva XPA-1 amps.  My late 1970s Amber Stereo 70s in bridged monoblock mode sonically sounded so much better than the XPA-1s, but the Ambers did not provide extra overall oomph that the higher power XPA-1s delivered in my current larger listening room.  I now use Bryston 7B3s, but for the money, Emotivas deliver a pretty good package for the price point.
I’ve been using an Emotiva setup for 3 years and love it. I have a setup close to the initial system that someone else above started with. It’s their XSP-1 stereo pre-amp and the 2nd gen XPA-2 amplifier. Nothing but love for it. FWIW, which probably isn’t much for the internet, a couple buddies and I did a bunch of component head to head listening events. All blind taste testing for ears. When we did the pre-amps, several people picked my XSP-1 as their favorite, most picked a Spectral as the winner. We demoed like 11 pre-amps that people had in their houses either in active use or storage. The XPA-2 amp was similar. Power in spades though compared to some of the smaller high end stuff that people brought to the get together.

I have the Sherbourn PA-50 which is pretty much they same as the small Emotiva amp you’re looking at. It’s a nice little amp that’ll power most any smaller bookshelf. For its footprint it’s hard to beat.  
 IMHO the difference an amplifier makes in sound is subtle - to my ears. 

 I have 3 power amps - a Emotiva XP2, an old Cambridge 200 watt and an even older Phase Linear 400 S2. Remarkably the old Phase sounds really good powering some Yamaha 1000's running without a preamp as the Phase has volume controls.