Emotiva ERC-1 cd player

Has anyone heard, listened to or know of any reviews of this product? Seems it is a new company qwith many product offerings. Any information would help.
i have one and when compared to a similar priced marantz universal player it is head and shoulders above its price range would indicate. it;s internal dac is very good too. i have a music fidelity vdac and i don,t even use it now. great remote and a 5 year warranty?? a pretty good value that i would buy again w/o any reservations. i also use other emotiva peoducts but am not a member of a cult. ha john
Yes, I have spent quite a bit of time listening to it, and it sounds fantastic at the price point. The build quality is outstanding, as is the remote control. It is very dynamic sounding, with lots of drive, energy, detail, and bass punch. It does not have a "relaxed" sound like the Oppo BDP-83, but it bettered it in all the areas listed above when listening to it in both my system and another friends equally high resolution SET tube system. I eventually sold my ERC-1 and replaced it with a Sony 5400 at 3-4 times the price. It is not in the same league as the Sony, which gives me a better soundstage, a bit more detail and dynamics, and is never edgy. For way under $500 retail though, I think it has little competition.
i have no other cd player to compare to, have been using it for about 6 months and very satisfied with it. i love the slot loading mechanism. it is solidly built, has great warranty and a beautiful remote.
I have a bunch of Emotiva gear for my home theater system. Running counter to the "more for less" Emotiva system I also run a Manley Stingray with Merlin TSM-MXr speakers and Aero Prima CD player.

First, a small disclaimer: I am among many audiophiles who believe that differences between good CD players are VERY small.

So, in trying the ERC-1 I was very pleased with it's sound, which was detailed and lively with plenty of space around instruments...a small improvment over my modded Oppo CD player and about on par with the Rega Apollo I had tried. All had a somewhat leaner sound compared to the Prima or my old Jolida. Build quality puts some "high end" products to shame.

In short...after a second audition...it's a bargain of a good player.