Emotiva not so good

Emotiva amps are good until you hear another brand in the same space.
millercarbon's "_________________amps are good until you hear another brand in the same space. Fill in the blank" is right on point. There is always something else.
The amps are descent for what you get for the price you pay.
  Own a pair of the older xpa-1 monobloc amps.

 Are they the most musical , nope, will they hand out goosebumps, nope.

will they play balls to the wall loud, and have low distortion, yup.
 They are great at what they are.
there is always something better, someone tougher, stronger, a faster car.

 Their customer service has declines a lot over the years, ol Dan laufman should be concerned about the fixing of stuff, before releasing more.  
Compare them to anything with the same price point and power, etc. and there really isn't much. Especially if you live far from any audio stores and have to research online magazine reviews - which by the way are all very good of Emotiva. 
Went from xpa 1l mono's to Parasound Halo Integrated different as night and day. Parasound a huge step up with Maggie 1.7 speakers.
@golferadam Maybe build up some credibility first. Before launching a troll post, that is.