Emotiva Tube Amplifiers Coming In February

I was at the Emotiva traveling roadshow last Saturday in Los Angeles. During a presentation to the visitors, Emotiva's owner mentioned that the tube designs that they purchased from Bob Carver will become a part of Emotiva's amplifier lineup next year. He said the tube amp they're building will be 300 wpc. He said that it will not be a retro-looking amp with exposed tubes. He said that the tubes will be in a covered chassis for a more modern look.
I agree with other threads here that the emotiva products are branded too good to be true for their price. IMO, you get what you pay for, decent sound for a decent price, far from giant killers
I got a life. Did the owner say if he's going to hire someone who actually has any electronical knowledge?

During the interim period of taking over and supporting Carver Tube warrantee there wasn't anybody there who could answer basic trouble shooting questions. Phone calls and emails simply went unanswered which left me with a very negative attitude.

Bob Carver Tube amplifiers are hand assemble in the United States. Their support was and still is quick and knowledgable. emotia won't disclose their their manufacture, assembly, and disposal, practices. But hey, they're going to look cool and still be suspiciously low priced.

After my experience, some brief research into this company, and the remarkably loyal, if greatly inexperienced, product owners on the companies forum I would have to strongly agree with Dayglow. I also have a conscience that questions this companies practices which provide such inexpensive products.
Hot piece? Of course, you will never a wind farm to power it and maybe a water powered condenser to cool it. Also, to sell it will require a five year warranty. Carver designs are known for lack of reliability.