Emotiva XMC-1 owners....

I am considering trying the new Emotiva XMC-1 home theatre processor and wanted anyone who has one to please key in your experience with this awaiting piece. I am on a large upgrade waiting list but would like some feedback for those who have it at home. Any comparisons would be nice as I previously sold my UMC-200 processor and now use a tube integrated with an Oppo 103 for processing which is just ok. The Oppo has bad volume control, no sub control & no XLR connectivity. Thx in advance....
I concur.... It seems that the linear PS that they are using is quite HQ from what I have read.
Yes, I'm hoping to get my 2 channel Kratos amp very soon. My setup now is not good at all.
"recommending from Pioneer or Onkyo shows me where you are at audio wise and you therefore loose any credibility"

The subjectivity of most all aspects of audio puts credibility in the lap of the owner and nobody else.

With most manufactures their methods and materials are an open book. but there is one that feels the less you know the cheaper they can offer their products. With most customers the thought of questionable manufacturing and materials raise a red flag while other simply can't resist the unexplained savings.

How's this for credibility?

I am a proud new owner of the emc-1 .i do not have Diric running yet but I must say the sound is very clean it reminds me of a Rotel or class's processor. However if you are into apps this is probably not the processor for you the sound is great I can't wait to get it up and running with Diric.😍if you own the Oppo105 please check your HDMI settings otherwise you will have some issues.
Jon, how many Rotels and Classe's have you owned? Did you compare the sound directly or are you comparing from years old memory? The reason I ask is, most people do exactly that, using memory and not considering the effect of new purchase bias.

Anyway, I'm sure the $2000 XMC sounds good. But so do many $1000-1200 AVRs. I got a Denon AVR 4520 for 1200 and it astounds me at the improvement in sound quality over my old Flagship Onkyo. Plus it has may bells and whistles that the XMC doesn't have and I don't need an amp as it has 150 watts for each of 9 channels.

And Denon's sibling, Marantz, has a processor for the same price as the Emotiva, and again, twice the features including 11.2 channels and Atmos, plus a dealer network if you ever need service instead of spending large dollars to ship it to Emotiva for service. Your choice of course.