Emotiva xpa 2 gen 2 power amp

Looking for this amp ...emotive xpa 2 gen 2. Is as good as all the reviews have at it's price point. Or should buy the gen3 amps that now out. Thanks


Which Odyssey, how old was it and what model Van Alstine?  VA make 
 some pretty expensive amps with much more power...

It's all depends on what quality amp you had before. It is decent,..ok...good bang for buck kind of amp. I never owned one but my buddy use them in HT.
I'm a bit late to the thread but driving my McIntosh XRT-28s my Emotiva XPR-1 Monoblocks and XPR-2 two channel amp for outperform the McIntosh Mc-1201s and dual Mc-252s driving my McIntosh XR-290s ,from my experience Emotiva amps do better driving 4 ohm loads vs 8 ohm loads,on my 8 ohm XR-290s the big Emo's sound thin,but on the 4 ohm XRT-28s they deliver a full sound with such a massive bass slam that I MUST run my C-2500 Preamps bass control at -9db at all times,on bass heavy music I must go down to -12db ,for the right speaker such as McIntosh 4 ohm line arrays Emotiva amps are top flight .
Reading the threads here, wanted to chime in: Emotiva XPA amps are ALL Class A/B. The only Class D Emotiva sells is the PA-1 using ICE modules.
Hope this clears up some confusion.
(Disclosure: I work in Emotiva's service department)