Emotiva XPA-2 Gen 3 or NAD C 275BEE or Rotel RB-1582 MkII for Revel F208


I suspect most of you are far beyond this level of power amp but hopefully someone can provide informed opinions on the above power amps or the brands quality in general.

I currently am using a Denon AVR-X4200W to drive the Revel F208 as the main speakers in a 5.1 mixed use music/movie/TV system.  The low end is supported by a SVS SB-2000 (the older non-Pro).

I am based in Vietnam so there is a limited selection of new gear and a horribly overpriced and small second hand market.

I lucked into a sweet deal on the F208 at just over USD$2k.  I sold my Revel F36 for nearly $600.

Emotiva XPA-2 Gen 3 / Rotel RB-1582 MkII are the same price at around $1500 and the NAD C 275BEE at around $900.

Unfortunately I zero experience with any of these brands but they are essentially my only choices in the under $2k range.

I plan to use the pre-outs on the X4200W to feed the power amp.

The X4200W gets the F208 plenty loud but I do worry that they might like a bit more power than the 125 watts provided by this older Denon AVR.


All competently designed amps operated below clipping will sound indistinguishable. This is reality. I think with its 125wpc the Denon will be fine! Doubling the watts to 250 will only give you 3db more headroom. 500 watts will give you 6db headroom. My opinion is a change of amps is a sideways move at best. The AVR-X4200W is an excellent component considering it offers a preamp, amp and media streamer. I'd keep it!

@jasonbourne52 thanks for the reply. I've not had much time with the new speakers but it seems that the AVR might actually be running a little cooler with the 8 ohm F208 than it did with the previous 6 ohm F36.

I had a 375BEE, integrated version of the 275, and it was really good. You would be happy with the upgrade. Amps sound different, and the NAD is competently designed. 

I would vote for the NAD as I believe it would be the best sonic fit and the greatest  return on investment at $900.  

I had the F208s.  The AHB2 sounded good and a nice step up from an RZ820 AVR.  IMO, any of those amps you list would work well - I have always liked Rotel.