Emotiva Xpa 2 Gen 3 power amp

Would like to hear some feedback and or reviews on this power amp.

Thanks Wayne 
I don't own the amp but their CDP which is built like a tank, sounds great. 
Uses switching power supply.  Good for the money if you want that power.  Good resolution, but somewhat bright in the highs.   Bass is hollow sounding because of switching power supply.  I recommend looking at the Monoprice Monolith amp if you want better bass.
I had a XPA2 gen 2 for stereo in the past. Sold it. Went with Parasound A21 and never looked back. I would consider purchasing them at half the price if used. I’d save money for something better.
A friend of mine here (johnto) was using Emotiva amps in his system. When he went to Magnepan speakers, he found the amps very bright.  He has moved on to Pass Labs amps now. He may chime in if he sees your post.