Empire 698 Turntable Electronic Cueing problem

When I play a record the arm lifts up automatically half way through playing record.

I would like to disable the electronic cueing mechanism and  I would play turntable manually only.

How do I disable the electronic cueing  mechanism  ? 

Thank you


I do not know the empire’s, but the manual is available on Vinylengine. It discusses how to adjust the lift point. Maybe worth reading if you do not already have it. I see two connectors that you could try pulling out one or both and see if that disables the auto.

Good luck!

@nwres +1

@rocky1313 I too have a 698. Most beautiful turntable ever. I recall that there is an adjustment for the pickup setting and that it works. Mine has been in storage for a while so I have forgotten how to do it but I believe that it is explained in the manual on VinylEngine as nwres states.