Empirical Audio Synchro mesh reclocker, anybody?

Anybody actually own or has owned one of these units by Empirical Audio?
Sounds good and $699 not a huge outlay in today's world but would prefer some real world experience if anybody has tried it.
Thank you.
Steve announced a new, lower jitter, Crystek oscillator for his Synchro-Mesh reclocker. It’s ~$125 compete with S/H via PP for those who want to have Steve upgrade their unit. Supposed to improve low- and mid-frequencies. 
 Slightly off the subject, has anyone any views on good USB reclocking units? Unfortunately the Synchro mesh doesn't service USB inputs. Thanks
i have the wyred4sound USB reclocker. I bought it and hooked it up to my JBL LSR 305's MKl right from the start. I feel the sound is very good for such a budget system but I cannot comment on the sound with the W4S reclocker vs. sound without.... MacBook Pro > Presonus USB DAC > XLR to now AirPulse Model 1 with ribbon tweets. I feel the DAC is the weakest link. I had a pretty noticeable phase-timing issue with the JBL LSR 305 subwoofer which could not be remedied with settings or placement, so I added Audirvana and that fixed the timing issues an boosted SQ. Next up will probably be the TEAC NT-505 streaming DAC.. I hope to get a deeper and more 3D soundstage going on.. detail is fine, dynamics all good, just looking for "more"