EMT turntables as good as other great vintage TT?

Are the EMT turntables as good as the great Micro Seiki turntables, or the Pioneer Exclusive P3, or any of the other great vintage turntables. How would they stack up to today's modern turntables? I realize there are many different turntables in the EMT line. I have been reading that the 930st or the 950 seem to be the one's to buy with the 927 being quite rare and very expensive. Could someone take the mystery out of this line? Are they more collectible than sonically relevant?
Hi Channel10,You are speaking my words.I have the same
setup as you do.EMT 927,Ortofon arm and 139st.I have
also the other preamps 139 Mono,155st and 153st, but
they are not even close.
I bought also the EMT 997 arm just for the good looks,
but I don't think I'll install it since everything is
so good now.
I've been close to going overboard too.
Some words to defend the EMT 929 arm earlier on the thread.
929 accepts only the diamond pattern EMT TSD-15 or some
small enough to put on the EMT cartridge adapter.
The one I could fit was a Denon DL-103.So basically
if you don't like these you are in trouble.
To me it was a revelation to hear EMT 930 with TSD-15,
I liked it so much that when I tried to get more out
of the SME 30, I stripped a TSD-15 out of it's shell and
put that on the SME V. I liked it more than with Koetsu
Rosewood and others, but still no go compared to EMT 930/929/TSD-15 combo.
So tastes may vary...
I heard the EMT 930 idler-wheel drive on Cyprus (fully restored under the supervision of A.J. Van den Hul himself among others) when I and it basically parachuted in at the same time, and I was awed at the master-tape-like quality I heard at that time, in terms of tonal correctness or lack of editing/addition, an amazing, powerful and musical record player to boot. I did not attend the comparison between the EMT 927 and my own work, which was organized by others without my knowledge, having been informed only a couple of days before the event, I hardly "went bonkers" (but I did - on my annual peregrination to the Greek islands - bring a 'table over to leave against some possible demonstration, which some might consider "bonkers", which I won't deny ;-)). The outcome of the vote was e-mailed to me after the event, which was posted unedited. Like my landing in a living room on Cyprus (also with a 'table) just as those fellows were setting up their newly-restored EMT 930 (which I only discovered as I got there), so the owner of an EMT 927 (who also owned an EMT 950, but was nevertheless and idler-wheel fan) simply popped up from out of the blue and offered (being an idler-wheel fan). Wish I could have been there, the 930 was a thing of beauty sonically and in terms of engineering. I seem to have some EMT-karma, and glad of it, I look forward to the next bolt out of the blue :-).
Dear Jean, Sorry to have mischaracterized your response to the EMT 27/Lenco comparison. I thought myself when I wrote the sentence that the word was not quite accurate. I meant to convey that you were excited to find that the two tables were in the same league, which is a lofty one.