End game speakers for Yamaha as2100 under 5k new or used


Cycled through a few now.  

I love the amp and never want to sell.  Its a tank (50lbs) but only rated at 90w.

I only stream now.  Tidal mqa through a lumin d1.   Sometimes CD.    No other hi res.  So redbook or mqa will be it for me.

I like some detail, but like a more relaxed sound that I know.   1\2 of the time its playing in the room in the background, other 1\2 I sit and listen.  Needs to have ultra wide sweet spot and dig deep into 30hz range or below.

My 'room' is a 1650 sq ft loft with really no walls and 22ft ceilings. Its not just a box, but mostly open.  Room treatments will be an ongoing thing, but I don't want the speaker to sound bad in the interm.   Surprisingly, its actually OK and does not echo, I think due to the material used in the roof.

Anyway.  I want a speaker that first and foremost makes maximum use of these watts.  I don't want to ever think that they may sound way better with 2x or 3x the watts.   But I also don't want them to be so efficient that they will sound the same with 1 watt.  Something just right to use this amp as designed.   This may seem odd, but its required that I find the spec sweet spot here first, to manage my future upgradeitis.  In that sweet spot, I will audition as many as possible.  But I'm not sure what ohm/db that would be? Ish?? 

Used I was thinking acoustic zen creshendo, focal, legacy, tekton(??) or tannoy prestige.   Since I have so much air to move I may be leaning more to larger drivers?

I am not sure I want k horns with this amp....

Any suggestions welcome :)

I'd heavily second the AZ Crescendoes given what you're looking for.  But just to ake your life more complicated, I'll throw these in.  All are awesome and hard to see being disappointed by any of them...

IMHO seller asking too much and should be had for $4k.  Mini Joseph Audio Pearls on the cheap. 

These would be my absolute #1 recommendation given what you're looking for if you can pick them up locally.  Original MSRP $19k!

Another extremely good candidate if you can stretch a little...

Maybe a bit of a dark horse, but definitely worth a look...

Here's another great bargain if you can pick them up...

And finally, one that would definitely be on my radar if I had a large space to fill and another great bargain...

I can't see being disappointed by any of these and I'm pretty sure you'd be thrilled with any of them.  FWIW, and best of luck in your search. 
Might consider what I run with my A-S2100, and that is Klipsch
Cornwalls.They fit price.

new or old?

what dac/digital source are you using?

i will be demoing these next week at a shop in town

@soix  the veritys ive been looking for. Good to know.   I am in Canada, they do come up locally occasionally. I would do road trip eventually though once patients wears...

   Dadeleus is another brand I didn’t know of, and look amazing.  Thank you

I am making lists...very expensive lists.