End of Snell Acoustics?


While I have since moved on, owned and enjoyed Snell speakers over the years, including the type Qs, type Ds, and 500THX series speakers.
Had a pair of Type D's some years back and having also gone through Spendors and Living Voice and KEFs and JBLs, the Snells really held their own. I thought the quality of the Snells was amazing too. They were indestructible.
I've been running the smaller brother of the type B, the Snell CV for the past 5 yrs. Bypassed that awful fuse and tweeter attenuator. IMO, the CV which you can buy for under 1k used holds its own against anything that sells for 5-7K made today.
Michael, the Snell Type Bs are a much warmer, ballsier choice than the Thiels, which to my ears are more clinical (a bit tipped up) in character
Thanks Triode, I have a good shot at some Type B's, and am selling the 2.3's. I noticed the B's go down to 20HZ? So I can dispense with my thiel ss1 sub?