Ended my Qobuz subscription

My music tastes largely revolve around jazz recordings and I find a deep lacuna in Qobuz's jazz offerings, as well as with some other music genres.  I just cancelled my Qobuz subscription and am back with Tidal Hifi which has a much deeper jazz catalogue than that from Qoubuz. 
Qobuz is horrible . The library can’t compete with Tidal , Spotify , Apple Music 
For me Quobuz was the best since I primarily listen to classical. I experimented with Tidal for about a week and found it inferior for classical. Their tag system was terrible.  Composers are not the same as performing artists and movements are not separate songs. Works are not songs. The catalog of classical releases on Tital was thin. 
For critical listening I prefer Qobuz.  I like the fact that I can listen to hi-res files and don't need any proprietary equipment (hello MQA) to do so. 

Tidal does have a bigger library and the MQA files do sound good, even with a non MQA DAC (I have both).  If I can't find something on Qobuz, then I'll go look for it on Tidal and can usually find it.

I also have Spotify and Pandora for less critical listening (background music, in the car, etc.)  Spotify does a better job of putting together playlists based on my musical tastes than Tidal and Qobuz doesn't currently have this feature. 

For me it's not a matter of either/or, I use them all based on their strengths. 

If Qobuz's library expands to compete with Spotify and Tidal and they provide custom playlists on par with Spotify's, then I would probably go with Qobuz only.
SQ wise, Qobuz has not competition. I listen classic music most of time. Tidal has good collection of music and lossless /MQA. I have student discount that cut cost in 1/2. I also have sizeable CD and SACD collections. Not enough time to listen all of them.