Energy RC-10's and tube amps

I have a question about tube amps and the sensitivity rating of RC-10's. I thought I had read that they were rated 92db in pairs. Just went to the Energy site and saw this for the 10's:
Sensitivity (anechoic) 88dB
Sensitivity (2 speakers in a typical room) 91dB

Is it safe to consider them 91dbs? I'm deciding on a tube amp to run them and want to make sure I make the right choice. The two main ones I am looking at are the Prima Luna Prologue One and the Jolida 502(open to other suggestions). Would either of those amps be powerful enough for the 10's?
Most speakers rated sensitivity is for an anechoic chamber, however some companies will show a room sensitivity which is generally 3db higher. You should consider the 88db. Also, the RC-10's have a nominal impedance of 8 ohms, with a 4 ohm minimum. This may not be the best match for a tube amp. I think the RC-10's would be better with a high quality SS amp, or use different speakers with the tube amps.
Agree w/ the above RC10s were much better driven with a Naim Nait5 (SS) than with a Cayin A50T (tube) integrated - just better all around.
I've got a pair of RC10's we have been using for this and that through out the house. Currently hooked up to Fatman 13wpc tube amp. Works fine. Very easy to drive so you should be fine with a moderately powered tube amp.

Assuming you are not in a large room and like the volume really high - if so go with solid state as others have suggested.