Energy speakers

Hey everyone, I'm new here. I'm searching for some new towers, and I was wondering if anyone has experiene with the Energy brand. I understand they're a little more laid-back compared to some of the competition, but I have B&W DM601s, and I keep seeing comparisons between B&W and Energy. What do you guys think?


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HaHa, you're a real hoot! Probably can't afford the good ones're clueless.

Fortunately, I'm way beyond Klipsch. 

"Fortunately, I'm way beyond Klipsch." 

Oh really? And where would that be? When you make statements about things that you don't really know about, that is the definition of clueless. 


Energy was disconnected awhile back I thought?


I have a pair of RC-70 and I like them ok but with your budget I’d look to get some Revel F208 or F206. (I have both)

how big is the space you’re going to be putting them in? 

"Energy was disconnected awhile back I thought?"

A statement that makes no sense with a question mark...


20 years ago, I owned a pair of Energy speakers. I enjoyed them just fine. Good value for the price. I replaced them with Paradigm Studio 100s which was a noticeable step up.
If your budget is $5k, you have a lot of options. I just went through the process of buying new speakers with a similar budget. My short list came down to Fritz Speakers and Spatial Audio. I was able to demo Spatials but not the Fritz. I went with a pair of Spatial M4s because of the open baffle design. They have incredible sound stage and detail. I doubt I’ll ever go back to a box speaker, but if I had to, I’d start with Fritz.