Energy speakers

Hey everyone, I'm new here. I'm searching for some new towers, and I was wondering if anyone has experiene with the Energy brand. I understand they're a little more laid-back compared to some of the competition, but I have B&W DM601s, and I keep seeing comparisons between B&W and Energy. What do you guys think?


"Energy was disconnected awhile back I thought?"

A statement that makes no sense with a question mark...


20 years ago, I owned a pair of Energy speakers. I enjoyed them just fine. Good value for the price. I replaced them with Paradigm Studio 100s which was a noticeable step up.
If your budget is $5k, you have a lot of options. I just went through the process of buying new speakers with a similar budget. My short list came down to Fritz Speakers and Spatial Audio. I was able to demo Spatials but not the Fritz. I went with a pair of Spatial M4s because of the open baffle design. They have incredible sound stage and detail. I doubt I’ll ever go back to a box speaker, but if I had to, I’d start with Fritz.

Going on a couple years now w the rc-70 speakers. 
they are the best sounding,speakers I’ve heard, with the altec Lansing 510s a close second.

they keep getting better!