energy veritas 2.1 or vandersteens?

e.v.2.1 @ 550.00(good price?) or vandy bookshelves @ 500.00, or others for a 4-500.00 price range. 11by 17 room cj solid state amp? thanks bryon
i havent heard the vandersteens, but i have owned the energy veritas 2.1's, 2.2i's and then the energy veritas 2.3i's.

All are great speakers, I was really pleased with the way the 2.1's filled a room the same size you are describing. very neutral speaker that looked great too. I sold them on ebay for over 500.00, couldnt believe it. Thought they would go for less.
For $500 you can get the Vandy 2Ci's used. If you can handle the size, they are a wonderful bargan for the price. I have used them in a room similar to yours, and they worked very well.