Enjoying my Audience Au24Sx Speaker Cables, wondering how much better are the Front Row?

I've had the Au24Sx for about 3 months now and they've settled in quite nicely. I was wondering what has been the experience of other Au24Sx owners.  I was looking at the Audience Front Row SC's but they're fairly new and nearly twice the cost.
I spent some time last night going over the various permutations of how to rack my system and the best location for the rack. Taking into consideration issues like my single power conditioner that I currently own and not wanting to run very long power cords to the conditioner (from amp), I have decided to get a relatively short 2 or 3 shelf rack and place it in-between the speakers. I think this will be the best compromise for my space and should not effect the stereo imaging too badly.

I will run my tuner from my office desk area with very long cheaper XLR interconnects to the preamp on the rack. I use the tuner for music discovery and it does not have to have the best wires on it. It already  sounds rather good (for a tuner) with cheap Canare XLR's.

I think I can avoid digital cables entirely by going with a Lumin T2 or X1 streamer DAC. If I cannot afford an X1, which can take in a fibre optic Ethernet cable and output an XLR analog signal to my preamp. I will consider setting up the Sonare SystemOptique, which can do some cleanup of copper network noise, though not as well as the Lumin X1 direct fibre optic input.

I have a varied set of old power cords I bought maybe 20 years ago. I am still using some but I think I may dump those old cords and get something new. This will be the last thing I do since I can get up and running without new upgraded power cords. The new Audience power cords also have gotten good reviews and there was a interesting description of the design approaches taken in the construction. If I remember correctly the gentleman who came up with the new design passed away and the PC was the last thing he designed for Audience.


I have had the AU24SX spkr cables for 2 years on my Magico A3's, running from Krell FPB 300cx amp (recently freshened with new caps). I don't think of replacing them as they don't do anything wrong, which may sound like faint praise but it is actually the opposite. Cables are supposed to be forgotten if one is comfortable with them -- nothing irks, music comes through naturally, no tonal emphasis or imbalance. I feel the same way about the AU24SX XLR IC's running from my VTL 7.5 iii preamp to Krell amp. You cannot go wrong with these cables. One man's opinion.  Neal