Entry CD player question?

If you look at my system you'll see what I have to help me decide on a CD player.

I can't help wonder about my stereo receiver's matching Rotel RCD1072 single disc player, instead of the Marantz which was the top 5 disc player at the time. If anyone knows, please let me know.

Much appreciated,



Well, not so much to suggest a machine as to show what some recent affordable players ' interiors look like.  I was helping a friend out by putting together an audio system for a lakefront home that he and his significant other purchased to eventually retire to.  These are interiors of four players at different price points and I have to say, they are rather sparse-looking compared to machines from previous decades. 



Thanks all. I’m thinking of replacing Marantz w/ matching Rotel RCD1072, if better, not some other brand, or I'll just keep my Marantz.

Buy used! Do not go with separates, transport and DAC. You will not notice the difference and have more interconnects and power cords. I've tried the aforementioned audiolab mixed with a couple of different DACs. I could not hear any improvement. IMHO



I too have a CDT6000, mine with a Audio Alchemy DDP-1 + PS 5: I clearly hear the difference between the same company's 1.0 v 1.5m coax. ditto power cords, and even different iso devices