Entry into HiFi

Hey guys, first time poster longtime lurker. I've recently purchased a Rega P3 and now I want to hook it up to a nice set of speakers and a tube amp, but I'm not really sure where to start. Right now I'm going Rega -> old receiver -> speakers. My budget is about $2000, spread out over the next 6 months. What do I need to turn my setup into a true hi-fi system? (Pre-amp, etc).

I love all kinds of music, but my vinyl collection centers around original pressings of classic rock and jazz (Davis, Coltrane).

I love the look and price of the Jolida FX10, but I've been told it has low power limiting me to high efficienc speakers? Good thing, bad thing, is there a better option?

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Matching your future phonostage (inboard or outboard) to your cartridge of choice should be a priority. It starts there. Look around at the used gear here. If there is something that interests you, do a search on it. Chances are someone will have had some experience with it.
get a manley stingray 1 (with triode switch) while you can, they are bargain right now, at around $1200-$1400, once this all old stock gone - you have to pay $3000 for the Stingray 2 . This is a true made in america diamond in tube amps.

Speakers, as suggested, Focal (older bookshelf Electras are AWESOME and affordable, check clasifieds), Triangle, maybe other.

Get a decent phonostage like Graham Slee AMP2/AMP3, matching cables and you done, you have serious system ;)

I would echo several of your posters above. Get the speakers first - preferably HE (high efficient) models. This will allow you to venture into the SET (Single ended triode) amp camp. SET's (45, 2A3, 300B) and HE speakers are a wonderfully musical combination that have stood the test of time.
I just helped a friend design and setup a Deware Zen and Omaga speakers. What a sound! Defiantely world class performance at a fraction of the price.