Entry level tube integrated to replace T-Amp?


I'm currently using a T-amp with a NOS Dac (Derek Shek's) with a pair of original Snell K. I'm very happy with the set-up and amazed at how good things can sound at budget level. However while the Snells are tight, swinging, very open and aery, and delivers great soundstage and image with the T-Amp, they are also somewhat "bleached" in sound (as I've seen them described by someone). The T-Amp is a bit "thin" overall and creates a certain listening fatigue. The Snells are last on my list of updates, and I am therefore considering replacing the T-Amp with an entry level tube integrated to compensate for the Snell's somewhat "bleach" sound and the T-Amps somewhat "thin" sound, as well as to make the listening less fatiguing. I'm aware of at least three well reviewed tube integrateds: the Almarro 205, the Sophia Baby, and the Decware Zen. Is there anyone who has heard and compared those three amps and could give me some advice? PRaT (as the English say) is very important to me and I would vey much like to keep the T-Amp's good soundstage, image and detail.

Feel free to comment!

Hmm, interesting ... I suppose you mean that more power wouldn't only translate into higher levels of volume but also a fuller sound. Tricky ... Will think it over.

I would need to add the Onix to the list now. Looked at the article on 6moons and am intrigued (and it's 38W, Jaybo).

A couple of days ago I also read about the RWA Signature 30 and thought that this is probably exactly what I'm looking for... Still, new it is a bit above my budget and it will probably not be easy to find used. But when I have the possibility I will definitely get one (even without listening to it first :o)).

Thanks for your feed-back!
I second the opinion of Macrojack. The Signature 30 is a whole other creature, and switching between it and my tube amps means little, if ANY, tube withdrawal. Plus, it has, to use Srajan's phrase, "lead-filled brass balls." It sounds waay too like a very very good Single Ended tube amp with lightning in there, in the form of high current battery based delivery of power to your speakers. I really love mine.
I would suggest looking at KT88,EL34,6551 tubed units. These seem to have more punch than the 300b, 2a3, 6l6, and 5881, Units.

I have not had a chance to listen to a good set of 845s but I have heard that they also give a more dynamic sound, however these units seem to be expensive.

I just purchased a cary rocket 88 (kt88) and really enjoy the sound, very black background with a dynamic sound from low listening to medium listening volumes. On this amp I have a tendency to use Triode only, it just sounds better to me.

Perhaps the TAD products might be a good starting point, very inexpensive, good reviews, and EL34s that can be interchanged by changing bias, and he offers in home demos.
jolojl....exactly...plus the extremely neutral respnse of the snell, will let a bit of that warm creek(read british)midrange in at low as well as high volumes.