Entry level turntable for my son

Hello all, 
My 16 year old has the same audio sickness as me. He recently approached me about acquiring a turntable for his system. Any recommendations on the entry level stuff from Rega, project, music hall, etc? Should I stick with the newer stuff or look for an older model like a Planar 3 or a MMF-5? I still use my Linn LP 12,  but I hear the newer ones out there have some nice new features the older entry level stuff didn’t. I don’t think he will be looking to do any modifications in the near future, he just wants to spin some vinyl. 
Thanks in advance!
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1. Does your son prefer a belt driven TT or DD?
2. What is your budget?

I wouldn't buy any used Technics SL1200, because those were used and abused by DJs years ago. It's hard to find one that was used as a home playing TT. If your son prefers DD, I would go with a NEW SL1200G if you wouldn't mind to spend over $1600 or New Pioneer PLX1000 for around $800. If he prefer the classic one my choice would be much wider: U-Turn, Pro-ject, Music Hall, Rega Planar 1, Marantz. They are all in a same price category of $350-$500 with a similar performance. Sometimes I even think they a produce at the same factory :)
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