Epos M-12s VS Epos ELS3

In a moment of boredom at the office one day, I bought a pair of M12s during the Audio Advisor sale to get me through a few weeks of storing my big speakers prior to a move.

WOW - what a neat little speaker. Not fatiguing, surprisingly good bass for a monitor and respectable midrange, IMO.

To my surprise, I enjoyed those speakers watching movies and also listened to more music than I ever would have imagined with my Naim Nait amplifier driving them in the bedroom.

So it seems the bargain basement m12s are no longer being sold, but does anyone know how the ELS 3s compare to these speakers?

Would the ELS3 also make a good speaker for a surround sound set up?

Thanks for your ideas.
Haven't heard either the m12 or its replacement M12.2. Assuming the new model is an improvement to the old, there is a Stereophile comparision of the ELS 3's to the 12.2's slightly smaller brother M5's HERE that might be helpful.
I recently purchaed EPOS ELS3 and tried them in my main room home system and liked them a lot. Really nice. Then I plugged back in my Silverline Sonatina II's and the SS II's blew away the ELS-3's. The main difference was the body of the midrange and upper bass, which seemed to be MIA in the ELS3. OTOH the ELS3 had more air on top.

Bottom line to me was simply that the ELS3 is an extremely enjoyable speaker in its own right, and if you don't A/B it to a better speaker you might just be happy living with it. I think I would.

I bought the ElS3 for my home office, which is where they are now. Very nice fit.