Equalizer in a Hi Fi system

Just curious to hear everyone’s opinions on using an equalizer in a high end hi fi system. Was at work tonight and killing time and came across a Schitt Loki max $1500 Equalizer with some very good reviews. What are some of the pros / Benefits and cons in using one. Just curious. BTW. I’m talking about a top of the line. Hi end equalizer. Mostly to calm some high frequencies and some bad recordings. 

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To all. All good points, but please don’t mistake my Charter Oak for a surgical mixing notch EQ. It is a broad Q tonal adjustment device with broadly overlapping bands used in a mastering setting. It is quite appropriate in a home hi fi playback setup. It is the best tonal adjustment device that I’ve ever heard. Inboard or outboard. I’ll attach a graphic. It’s broad overlapping curves are like classic Baxandall EQs which are the basis for basic bass and treble onboard controls, a 2 band EQ.


And don’t forget that I’ve heard BOTH in my hi fi system. Y’all really cannot criticize my approach until you’ve done the same. I’m telling you a 2700 dollar pro EQ sounds FAR BETTER than the Loki max. Both in speaker chain and headphone chain.

I just want to say first  that i believe you completely ...

I will never try it because my system is totally satisfying and cost me 700 nucks ...

The price of this device which seems very pro is 3 times the price of my system which anyway has no evident defect to my ears on headphone or on speakers ...

But i want to thank you for the information which is interesting ...

Mahgister, I am happy to share my experience with this wonderful device. My pleasure!

Loki => Lokius => miniDSP SHD = FUN & PLEASURE

Isn't that what it's all for?

Actually it was Dirac I wanted to play with but all other stuff was huge fun.  



The Max is transparent, looks cool, has a remote, and does the job brilliantly. I suggest to anyone considering a Max to read Robert Green's well written Absolute Sound review, as that certainly helped in my decision to buy one. Highly recommended.

What I DID like about the Max is how transparent it is in flat position. But in boosting bass or treble frequencies to any degree beyond +3 or so (many older recordings warrant that) it just doesn’t have the same chops as a good pro piece has in boosting. But yes, in very small quantities of change it’s a wonderful box.