Equalizer in a Hi Fi system

Just curious to hear everyone’s opinions on using an equalizer in a high end hi fi system. Was at work tonight and killing time and came across a Schitt Loki max $1500 Equalizer with some very good reviews. What are some of the pros / Benefits and cons in using one. Just curious. BTW. I’m talking about a top of the line. Hi end equalizer. Mostly to calm some high frequencies and some bad recordings. 

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Yes indeed. I ordered via Reverb from a shop here in my state- Viking King Audio and it was delivered the next day. It's industrial looking since it's not designed to be aesthetically appealing for the audiophile market but it will look fine when it's tucked over or under other equipment.There's a ventilation grill along the top back but it's always cool to the touch so it doesn't need a lot of space to breathe.

I'm not an expert at making adjustments yet after only a few days, but it's so simple to use and so very effective.Boosting or cutting is not abrubt, rather it smooths and blends in a natural way. The first couple of days I was mesmerized by how a couple of minor tweaks to the bass/mid bass separated out and clarified all of the instruments.Then cutting the midrange a bit at around 700hz where some older recordings get congested/compressed cleans it up beautifully. Just doing that begins to clear up the higher frequencies. Since there's no remote I would like to find a setting to leave it on and then tweak it just a bit if needed for specific recordings. When it's on bypass everything sounds the same as it ever did on recordings that don't need help. Except the Belden output cable is a little harsh,which will be replaced in time after there's more hours on the EQ and cable.

So the API is working really well for the rock and blues recordings that were fatiguing  before. Well worth $1,230.I don't regret trying the Lokius which made me interested in what other possibilities were out there. I'm glad tatooedtrackman started the thread and tlcocks for the tips.I'm remembering how often I'd be listening to an artist I loved and thinking if only I could go back in time and "fix" it. Why doesn't Analogue Productions redo all of the music I like!?:-)

@jtcf Since the API is a pro piece it is a fully balanced design and will support very long cable runs with very little to no signal degradation, you could place the unit within easy reach of your listening position so you do not have to get up to make adjustments.

I know another Audiogoner who did exactly that with a Charter Oak PEQ-1 (my unit) that he bought used in excellent condition on Reverb. It sits right at his listening spot. CONTROL CENTRAL. 

@jtcf , awesome to hear it’s working out for you!  The pro analog gear are really another level or two up from where Schiit is. In most cases just no comparison. 

@audiorusty having the EQ nearby would be ideal but not practical to have them running across the floor. Drilling down and running them underneath would be an option.Something to think about:-)