Equalizer to compensate for hearing loss - Any success stories?

65-year-old retired gent here has been wearing Oticon top-of-the-line hearing aids for three years now. My hearing loss is quite pronounced (see audiogram link herein).

Using my iPhone and AirPod pros with this audiogram from the (Health app) yields spectacular results. Now I’d like to see what can be achieved using an equalizer to mimic my audiogram and an amp driving floor standing speakers.

Soliciting your informed feedback/opinions.



If you need some serious EQ ability, you can look for something like a vintage ADC Sound Shaper III.  

If you have programmable hearing aids that already correct for your loss, using an equalizer to adjust for your loss would be working against your aids.  Not to mention ruining the sound quality for others in the room.  I wear corrective aids and prefer to let the aids do their job and keep the audio system as pure as possible.  Works great for me. 

I am very intrigued by these discussions as someone with hearing loss in one ear (left). This seems to cause the soundstage to shift right, especially for cymbals in jazz recordings that appear almost always panned right while the remaining music is dead centered and spacious. Can an equalizer alter one channel to better center imaging, or is this a nonsensical question?


Basic Balance Controls 'move' ALL' frequencies L or R

Equalizers with individual channel adjustments for L or R will help un-balanced hearing issues, even specific frequencies the hearing chart reveals,

And, you can use direct, as a pass thru when listening with friends, ....

Rockville has 10, 21, 31 band equalizers, a 90 day return policy


the 10 band, consider the lit up display, 

Have you had your audiologist apply the Oticon My Music program, and update to the most recent firmware? My hearing loss is even more profound than yours, and this program has made a world of difference. Further, with the new firmware, you can EQ all of your hearing Programs, including my music.