Hello all. I'm thinking about buying an equalizer for my audio system primarily for the purpose of correcting badly recorded recordings. To be clear, I'm perfectly happy currently with the way that my system is setup and I don't seem to have any concerns with room acoustics.

Should I be looking for a larger or smaller equalizer for this purpose (10 band vs 5 band)?  Are there units I should consider or avoid?  My initial thoughts on this are to purchase a used equalizer such as either an ADC sound shaper, an Audio Control or a DBX (these are the three brands I remember for equalizers.

I would love a unit that I could adjust from my seat either with a remote or through an app on my phone (I'm not sure if this exists).  Additionally, I recently saw a Steve Guttenberg audiophiliac video on the Schiit Loki 4 band equalizer which seems to have impressed him.

My system consists of a Yamaha DSP-1A integrated amp, Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable (acrylic platter equipped) with an Ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge, a Denon DVD-2900 DVD/CD player (used just for CD's) and a DBX 3BX-DS. My speakers consist of a pair of Wharfedale Rubiance RB-27's in the front and RB-23's in the rear with a Mirage FRX-S15 powered subwoofer. Everything is about 20 years old except for the turntable which is about a year old.  My room is 15 feet by 12 feet and is fairly heavily furnished (it doubles as my office). I have the listening area set up width-wise. And I listen to primarily classical, jazz and big band.

Any suggestions? 
If you're looking into a DBX get the 14/10. You get 8 half octaves 1 3/4 octave and 5 full octaves. You'll want the mic to use the pink noise generator.
Personally, I wouldn't bother with equalizers. Though I haven't tried them, DEQX or the like, would be the way to go nowadays.